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Your Plumber Should Be Professional
When it's time to call a plumbing contractor into your home, most folks worry about making the right choice. Isn't it true that the most important thing you want is for your plumbing contractor to be - a professional? You want to be assured that he'll provide quality professional plumbing service at a fair affordable price.

Your Plumber Should Be Reliable
Being reliable is all about being on-time, knowing the answers, and consistently doing good quality work. We've been proudly serving the Mid-Hudson region for over 25 years.

Your Plumber Should Be Competitive
Whether you need a drain unclogged in your home or you're building commercial office space, we know we need to earn your business. Why else would so many of our customers give us a great reference?

Why Choose M & M Mechanical Service & Plumbing?
Because you deserve reliable service, competitive pricing, a quick response, and a job well done. We do quality work and give great service to all of our customers. People in our community have been depending on us for over 25 years, and we're here for the long haul. Call M & M today at (845) 485-2611.

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